Yulia is located in the Tel Aviv port – in a perfect location right on the waterline and in front of the beautiful view of the sea and sunsets – Yulia is a contemporary seafood restaurant that presents a particularly creative and enjoyable Mediterranean menu. The place offers a venue for restaurant events, but one that provides an unforgettable experience, a modular and invested modular space of three different seating areas – an expansive interior and seating area alongside tables, open balcony and covered porch. In the summer, events can be celebrated on the open terrace for up to 100 guests, and in the winter events can be celebrated on the covered terrace for up to 60 guests. The spaces are suitable for any size of group from 5 to 100 guests.  Event menu is made according to the event type, time of day (breakfast \ lunch \ dinner), as well as your budget. Close by parking space and Vallet services.

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