Yulia restaurant is located at the south of the Tel Aviv Port, first line to the beautiful sea. Founded in 2006 by restaurateurs Micha Sol and Danny Eitan (Boya, Bebaleh, YAM7), Yulia is a fish and seafood restaurant with a creative Mediterranean menu, of great flavors, colors and textures.

Yulia's space can be divided into three areas: a large bar and classic sitting tables area inside the restaurant as well as a covered veranda and an open terrace. Together these three spaces create a decorated platform with beautiful lighting bodies, providing a home feel by the sea. These spaces can be available for small or large private events, of classic dinner or mingling.

Yulia's Chef, Roman Diamant, is known for his love of fresh produce such as fish, meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables, which are abundantly available here in Israel.

Yulia restaurant is handicap accessible. Valet services are available. Consult with restaurant for service availability.

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